Purple and Gun-metal Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I am truly sorry I have been M.I.A. for so long, but today I am back. Today’s post is going to be a makeup tutorial, for which I do not have a name. So without further adieu let’s get started!

Today I have started out with a basic BB Cream from E.L.F. Cosmetics in the shade Beige, as well as my brows filled in with their brow kit in the Light.


I then proceeded with Younique’s Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eye Liner in the color Perfect. I lined my water-line and a little under my lower lash line as well.

After I lined my eyes I took a bone white shade as a transition color, and applied it with my Younique Deluxe Brush right to my brow bone blending down unto my eyelid.01385325d091746ac1049eb7016b711f84d481153e0150c7cd92c75a518360fdbd1ba0911e734001484b

Finishing with my transition color I moved on to this rich purple shade, swiping it on my crease and blending down onto my eyelid. After my purple was down I took the dark purple/black shade positioned next to it and put it on the outer corner of my eye, with my Crease Brush from Younique, blending in to the purple and onto my eyelid.

01ed049d0522c1513fc11eda99efadf36423f229b801b914706b19698f430835fa9497200178dd8f6ae6After my colors had been applied I took a gun-metal grey, and put it into the blank center of my eyelid.


The shimmer silver was then blended into the gun-metal starting at the inner corner of my eye as a highlight. I also go back in with a little of the purple with an angled brush apply it underneath the black liner.


012fdd307d4a14ea52af058d5a73f0db3249c45fe8Next was my favorite part! LASHES LASHES LASHES! Of course I am using my favorite mascara by Younique! This mascara is the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. I do one eye at a time and start by putting a solid coat of the transplanting gel, shaking my hand and rolling out as I reach the ends of my lashes. Then letting it get tack for a few seconds I open my fibers, repeating the same process.



Just to prove to you how amazing the mascara is here are some photos of one lash with one coat and the other completely bare.


I of course repeat the same process on the other eye and then we are complete!


I hope everyone enjoyed and make sure to tag me in your photos if you try this look at home!

P.S.- This lip tutorial will be up soon!

So as always

Stay Fabulous,



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